All are welcome at St David’s

St David’s is a contemporary expression of Christian diversity.

The Church of St David was consecrated to the Glory of God by the Rt. Rev. Roger Herft (Bishop of Waikato) on the 1st of March 1992, the Feast of St. David.

Three different expressions of Christian worship and faith practice share St David’s facilities and cooperate in serving the community in Hamilton West.

The Anglican Parish of St George and St David offers a traditional Anglican Liturgy and Eucharist at 09:30 am every Sunday morning.

On Sunday at 10:30 am, Te Rau Tini Church worships in the auditorium as a vibrant contemporary Christian community.

On the First Sunday in every month, the Unity Apostles Church of New Zealand celebrates the Eucharistic Divine Service in St. Barnabas House.  The rest of the month, this community worships Christ the King with the Anglican Community.


Sunday 09:30 am – Holy Communion (Anglican)

Sunday 10:30 pm - Te Rau Tini (Pentecostal)

Monthly First Saturday -Unity Apostles Church of New Zealand: Priest Ludwig Horn :




Office hours

Contact Administrator: Mrs V Thorpe

021 444 769